Model Convention


MODELPALOOZA is extremely delighted to partner with one of the most prominent Fashion Week Producers in The SOCIETY as our new home spanning the globe.  Our mission is simple, to bring the Fashion Industry to your doorstep to offer an inside look at the industry through legitimate industry professionals who not only highly successful this very moment, but also has their finger on the pulse of the industry.

In short, our Model Convention is built to offer a glimpse of the industry, provide the needed tools to succeed, while doing this all on the Main Runways of the leading Fashion Week’s around the world.

Learn on Leading Fashion Week Main Runways

Runway Class

Simply this, learn from the best while being on the Main Runway for Los Angeles Fashion Week.  This Runway Class will fast track the theory of the proper Runway Walk, hand/feet placement, and everything in between while being taught by real world working Fashion Professionals.

This is the only opportunity for models to not only learn industry leading Runway Walks, but also apply them directly on Los Angeles Fashion Week’s Main Runway.

Modeling Class

Our modeling class is built around all skill levels, with a foundational principal of opening the mind to new thought patterns on posing, modeling your body, in addition to new ways of holding yourself that will help every model excel on set.

Industry Chat

Maintaining our mission of bringing the Fashion Industry to your doorstep, MODELPALOOZA brings you Executives working in the Modeling Industry right now for a raw, candid discussion on how to succeed within the Fashion Industry, how to start and promote your modeling brand, as well as pitfalls to be on the look out for.

Editorial Photoshoot

Whether to apply what you learned within our Modeling Class or simply to expand your portfolio, MODELPALOOZA brings you the strongest Editorial Photographers to ensure results.  Each session is guaranteed to push the model, while helping them gain experience in a real world Industry atmosphere.


In our never ending quest to help our models standout in the highly competitive Casting and Callback environment, MODELPALOOZA has partnered with world renowned Headshot photographer, Patrick Cox.  Gracing the pages of Vogue, Wall Street Journal, and everywhere in between for the Fashion Industry, this will easily give you a leg up on the competition.

Simply choose the Pro option to also strengthen your portfolio, or the Convention + Headshot option.