Model Convention


Here at MODELPALOOZA we view our Affiliates as Family, and the lifeline of our what we aim to achieve.  That is the number one reason on why we offer Recurring Commission.  If an individual registers through your Affiliate Link, you will not only receive that initial commission, but also a commission for each month they are registered with no cut off.

Monthly Plan Potential

So for instance, a model chooses our monthly Pro Plan, which is $60 per month and offers models an insane platform.  You would receive $12 per month.  If you register 100 models, and that turns into $1,200 per month of extra revenue each month.

Model Convention Plan Potential

In addition, we also have our Model Convention, which are an absolutely outstanding platform for Models to learn from the best Industry Executives.  If you register a model for our Model Convention, you would be paid a minimum of $45.  Register 100 models, and that turns into $4,500 of extra revenue.

Who is this program made for?

We have developed this program to appeal to individuals from all backgrounds, to individuals, modeling agencies, dance studios, and anyone in between.